Shoe Storage Sorted!

I have found the perfect storage solution for all your family’s shoes, Adele – Box (pictured above left), a simple yet clever storage solution available through Fanuli Furniture. Box is a family of wallmounted cabinets that can be customised on the inside thanks to a wide assortment of accessories, so it can be used for more than just shoe storage. Being wall mounted it reduces the feeling of volume in a small space, and ditto on the mirrored finish – the reflective surface also makes it “lighter”, so it’s ideal for a hallway. The mirror adds double functionality, too, of course. Box holds 18 pairs of shoes, which look great in multiples – three in a row would equal 54 pairs of shoes!

Shoe Storage Ideas
Shoe Storage Ideas

Lovely old vintage rattan baskets make great shoe storage, too. Some are available with separate inner compartments, which would enable you to assign a section to each family member. Baskets can work in small spaces and look attractive. A hamper-style basket has a double advantage of creating a little bench seat, too, and a place to dump school bags or handbags.

Wall mounted Beautiful Shoe storage for saving space
Wall mounted Beautiful Shoe storage for saving space

Finally, scour antique and junk shops for old, character-filled pieces that can be reused to provide great shoe storage, such as an industrial shelving unit, or vintage trolley – perfect for big-footed shoes!

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A Guide To Buying Designer Outdoor Furniture

Putting Comfort to Your Outdoor Area with Outdoor Furniture

Homeowners that want to make their outdoor area more comfortable may want to consider buying designer outdoor furniture. Adding some furniture to an outdoor area such as a patio or a garden can greatly improve the quality of the time spent there. There are a number of ways to get good quality designer outdoor furniture at affordable prices.
Before going out and purchasing designer outdoor patio furniture the buyer should first think about what pieces they need. Designer furniture can be quite expensive so it is important that the buyer knows exactly whatthey want. If the buyer has a big home and entertains on a regular basis they will need a large set with extra chairs. However those that live in apartments or do not entertain guests may only need a small set to seat themselves and their family members. Once they have made the decision on what pieces they need to buy, it is then time to start shopping. When the buyer is out shopping for outdoor designer furniture, there are a few things that they should look for.

Putting comfort to your Outdoor space
Putting comfort to your Outdoor space

Notes need to remember when buying for Outdoor Furniture

When shopping for designer furniture it is important to keep an eye out for high quality pieces. At the end of the day, designer furniture can cost a lot of money. There is no point forking out thousands of dollars for poor quality furniture that will break in a short amount of time. The furniture should be made out of good quality materials, have great stitching and be weather resistant. Being weather resistant is extremely important as outdoor furniture has to withstand rain, hail and extreme sun. The furniture should not fade with sun exposure, nor should it stay wet for long after it has been rained on. Cushions should be stuffed with materials that dry quickly. This will stop them from developing mold and mildew.
Buyers will need to buy a set of furniture that matches the decor of their outdoor area. If the home itself is older, buyers may want to consider designer outdoor wicker furniture. Wicker is very popular with those that want to create a warm, country style outdoor area. People who live in more modern homes will need to purchase modern designer outdoor furniture. There are so many styles and colors available that there is bound to be something that suits the tastes of the buyer.

Old reclining chairs and coffee tables are comfortable enough with a cheap price
Old reclining chairs and coffee tables are comfortable enough with a cheap price

How much does it cost for a specific piece of furniture like a recliner chair or a coffee table

The cost of designer furniture varies greatly. Some designers can sell a recliner chair for $200 while others will sell a similar chair for $2000.  There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of designer pieces. The materials used and quality of the furniture will account for some of the cost. Sometimes designer furniture is extremely expensive as the designer who created it is well known. Regardless of how much this type of furniture sells for in the furniture stores, there are ways to purchase it at a cheaper rate. Buyers can go to factory sales where the designer offloads out of season items. Another option is to buy the furniture second-hand on the internet. There are a number of auction websites that will allow buyers to do this. Lastly these items can be purchased from online stores in other countries. Due to the exchange rate and low overhead costs of online stores, buyers can expect to get a bargain.

Watching the video for 16 beautiful outdoor furniture design

Final Thoughts

Homeowners that have an outdoor area should take the time to purchase outdoor furniture. This furniture will allow residents of the home to enjoy their garden or deck all year round. The biggest benefit of outdoor furniture is that it allows homeowners to have gatherings and family events in a attractive, natural environment.

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