Re-decorate New York headquarters office

Lippincott & Margulies Office

Machado and Silvetti organized the top floor into three major zones. The first, a handsome reception area, provides seating for clients and establishes the overall materials palette for this level: wood, perforated aluminum, blackened steel, and glass.


Within this world of rectilinear, paneled elements, specialty door pulls and an unusual terrazzo treatment establish a witty, sensuous counterpoint. The terrazzo originates in the elevator lobby as a screen wall, wraps down to form a bench, continues into the reception area as flooring, and finally turns upward and across to form a transaction surface for the main reception desk.


Beyond this area is a space the designers term “the wood box,” essentially a thick wall that contains many program elements–administrative assistant work stations, storage, a pantry, and so on. According to Love, “We wanted to organize a lot of the service program inside the `box’ so we could make the rest of the plan as open as possible.” The outer surface of the box is wrapped in fiddleback anigre veneer with a special horizontal coursing of Mankato-Kasota golden buff limestone, and the interior is treated with perforated aluminum ceiling panels and walls painted a warm ochre. Beyond the box is a broad passageway; with street views at either end, it gives the effect of hovering above the grand expanse of Park Avenue. Senior management offices are located along the perimeter. They meet the passage across a freestanding, luminous wall that incorporates clear, sandblasted, and translucent blue glass panels.

Furniture interior in each office

Because the partners spend much time out of town, the offices were designed to accommodate changing program needs. Each office contains a primary work station for the individual partner along with a meeting area that allows others to use the room for small conferences when the partner is out of town. Furniture is high-end, corporate modern, including Aeron chairs and Herman Miller stainless steel tables with custom marble tops. Thick partitions between the private offices provide concealed storage and open shelving on both sides.

On the lower level, the box is not expressed and the space was left relatively open. At either side of the stairwell are large open areas with semi-private work stations. Machado and Silvetti left the concrete ceiling exposed at this level to maximize height and provide what Love calls “a more downtown feeling.” Across the open expanse of the lower floor, work station walls were lined with cork to gain ample pin-up space and reduce sound transmission.


Within this very sensible arrangement, a few special elements appear to lighten the tone. The stone that runs around the edge of the “wood box” is treated with a deft touch. For much of its length it serves as horizontal ornament, only to transform into a writing surface at the administrative assistant desks and a fold-out buffet in one of the conference rooms. Along the closet doors, the stone was sculptured into distinctive cabinet pulls. Perhaps most inventive of all are the extravagant door pulls located at the entrance to the reception area and the senior office and meeting spaces. Carved maple shafts wrapped with stitched leather tops, the pulls offer an unmistakable moment of pleasure at the clients’ fingertips.

A Year Review for Home Design and Furniture

Rejuvenation Home Lighting, Lamp & Fixture Co.

The favorite chair for restaurant and family dining room
The favorite chair for restaurant and family dining room

We build authentically re-created lighting for period homes and buildings. To request a FREE 88-page catalogue, call (888) 343-8548 Or, free to lighting specifiers, is Rejuvenation’s new “Architects’ Binder.” Includes catalogue, photometrics, details about energy-efficient lamping options and presentation materials. To request a binder, call: (888) 40]-1900.

Prince Seating Corp.


Shown: NEW WOODEN STACKABLE: The ultimate in comfort and design yet manufactured for commercial use. Also available: Wood, metal, and aluminum chairs, tables and barstools. 1.800.5.PRINCE (577.4623) 718.363.2300 1355 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 NYC Showroom: 208 Bowery St.

Wavemaker Carpets


Wavemaker Carpets, multiple award winner for design excellence, presents new collections to tempt and dazzle the best with classical and modern dynamic patterns. Catering to high-end residential, corporate mainstreet, and hospitality markets, we offer versatile styled programs with a rich palette of aesthetically pleasing colors. Visit us at Surfaces 200], booth #8300. 1-800-241-4088 Fax 706-695-6281.


HK Folding  Furniture Design

HK Design’s new collection includes End Table #109 (shown), dining tables, coffee tables, benches, pedestals, and chairs. HK is very famous for most comfortable sofa bed or best sleeper sofa, best sofa bed according to reviews of Cuddly Home Advisors. Many customers highly rate HK and give good reviews for their furniture product design. End Table #109 has a brushed steel top, and a steel base with blackened patina. It is 20″ Diax 20″ H. For more information call (612) 377-2239, fax (612) 377-4942 Email:, hkfurnituredesign

Conrad Furniture

Weaving natural grasses, reeds and fibers into unique roman fold shades has been a CONRAD tradition for over forty years. Sun, earth and water are the source of exquisite colors, patterns and textures. Hand-woven from strands of bamboo shoot skin, sedge arrowroot, wild mulberry and other natural fibers, these unique window coverings softly filter sunlight while preserving outside views. Large looms and custom capabilities allow CONRAD to be used on virtually any size and style of window, including arches and angles. 415.626.3303 conradshades

A stylish table


Nanik hand-crafted wood blinds are the perfect window treatment solution for any commercial or residential project. Options include custom color matching, specialty shapes, 1″, 1-3/8″,2″,2-3″ slat, and flame-retardent finish. Both our paint and clear-coated stain meet a class “C” rating per the ASTM E-84. Call (877-886-2645).

Recliner chairs with a coffee table decorated in a living room
Recliner chairs with a coffee table decorated in a living room

LIFE JUST GOT EASIER! Easy Life Panels by Extrutech Plastics have been designed to make your life easier. Made from PVC vinyl, Easy Life Panels are quick and easy to install–walls & ceilings or anywhere. Contact: Extrutech Plastics, Inc. 4223 Expo Dr., Manitowoc, WI 54220. Ph: 920-684-9650 Fx: 920-684-4344. Email:extrutech@lakefield_net or visit our website at epiplastics dot com

ISA International Inc.

One of most comfortable chair design of the year
One of most comfortable chair design of the year

ISA International Inc. is an established leader in innovative design. Classics teamed with originality; creativity combined with comfort. Over 300 styles of chairs, and stools offer the freedom of choice. Custom finishes allow the expression of individuality. Find your signature in our collection for home, hospitality, club or library. Tel: (416) 782-9100, Fax: (416) 782-7993. website: havaseat dot com e-mail:


Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC

Feel the difference. Deeply embossed handmade textured art glass for the discerning client. CSI award winning Meltdown Glass, the boutique art glass studio, creates sculptures, art screens, doors, windows, walls, room dividers, tabletops and more. Let Meltdown Glass make your next project state-of-the-art. meltdownglass dot com 800-845-6221.

table and flowers
table and flowers

in house

inhousefurniture dot com 323*931*4420

Harmonic Environments

the premier maker of indoor waterfalls HarmonicEnvironments dot com 800.497.3529 circle 174

Joan Weissman Custom Rugs

The company makes reclining chairs to be art products
The company makes reclining chairs to be art products

Hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs designed by Joan Weissman and made to order. Residential and contract. Shown: “Fault Lines,”[C] hand-knotted silk & wool Tibetan rug. 3710 Silver SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 (505) 265-0144. Fax: (505) 268-9665, email:

Menardi Iron Design Inc.


Manufacturer’s of high quality wrought iron. Introducing the “SESTO”. A new design in contract seating. Uniquely shaped wrought iron and tubing chair. Also introducing our new line of Italian Wood Seating. Visit us at IH/M&RS and Hospitality Design 2001. Phone: 905-799-0977 Fax: 905-799-0408 Website: menardiiron dot com


Classical computer table and reclining office chair
Classical computer table and reclining office chair

Modify, unify, and simplify …if, the only furniture system that fits every office space. In free-standing environments, if’s utility chain integrates power from the floor, wall or ceiling. The flexible chain also allows for floorplan adjustments without disrupted power flow. if features four storage options: a desktop storage box and a small, medium and large mobile cart. The small storage box also serves as a convenient, padded, occasional seat. All storage components in the if line are available with traditional wood tops or surfaces, or neutral laminate surfaces. Egg- or fin-shaped and round tables with or without casters, mesh privacy screens and a mobile Easel with markerboard surface and mountable display board complete the line. (616) 393-3000.

Vicrtex[R] Wallcoverings


Vicrtex[R] Wallcoverings proudly presents Pemberly[C]. Shifting from subtle and sophisticated to sleek and trendy, this unique textural design will capture your imagination and break paradigms. For more information on this and other Vicrtex[R] products call 800-828-4556 or visit our website koroseal dot com

Two different stylist chairs were best sellers of the year
Two different stylist chairs were best sellers of the year

Delvis International s.r.l.

Delvis International is a leading solid wood manufacturer of seating for dining room, hospitality and restaurant applications. A versatile table collection is also available. Products are available in many standard and custom finishes. Offices and Showroom: 10 Via del Collio, 33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine)Italy distributed by: Fe Associates, Inc. 2490 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06430 Phone: 203-338-0347, Fax: 203-338-0439. Website: delvis dot com

Hydra Designs, Inc.

The HYDRA TABLE rises and lowers easily. It also spins. Useful in both commercial and residential projects, these “hydraulic coffee tables” are extremely functional. Hydra Designs produces other unique tables as well as a growing line of contemporary products for the home that are currently available around the country. Call 201-459-1500 or Fax 201-459-1546, Web Catalog: hydradesigns dot com

Enkeboll Designs [C]96-99

An elegant selection of Architectural Woodcarvings Color catalog showcases over 500 items including capitals, corbels, moldings, onlays, panels, etc. Items are available in maple, red oak and cherry. Bound Catalog $20.00 Complimentary brochure available. Tel (310) 532-1400 Fax (310) 532-2042. enkeholl dot com

Wood Chairs with high legs design
Wood Chairs with high legs design

Para-Chem Adhesives

The Para-Spray system from Para-Chem makes the task of floor covering adhesive application faster and easier. Adhesive is applied through a spray wand attached to a portable tank. Unhampered by heavy rolling equipment, the user sprays the adhesive while standing or walking. It’s also safer – since knee stress and repetitive back-and-forth arm motions are eliminated, the risk of injury is reduced. The system accommodates any size area and uses three premium Parabond Millennium adhesives–multipurpose, VCT, and pressure-sensitive for carpet tile. Call 1-800-763-7272, or check the website at parachem dot com


Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture

Towel Warmers

Elegance and Distinction can be yours with a Myson Towel Warmer. With over 126 models, 6 finishes, and a palette of 1200 colors, Myson Towel Warmers are a decorator’s dream. Gall 800-698-9690 for our new catalog or visit us online at  Mysonlnc dot com Myson Towel Warmers — A European Tradition

Dodge-Regupol, Inc.

ECOsurfaces[TM] made from Xtreme (100%) Recycled rubber, raises the bar and sets new performance standards among resilient floorcoverings. Fun, funky, functional, friendly (eco) and flexible. ECOsurfaces[TM], 4′ wide rolls in several thicknesses and over 38 designer colors are ideally suited for corporate, retail and institutional “cool” places. Dare to be different with ECOsurfaces[TM]. Call toll free 1-877-ECO-SURF (326-7873).

GF Office Furniture, Ltd.

GF introduces 64 Series seating. The latest ergonomic studies are expressed in a chair design that provides optimum posture and comfort. Available in three sizes proportioned to provide uncompromised comfort to a broad range of people, the 64 Series combines break-through ergonomic findings with engineering excellence. The next generation of office seating, it embraces design sophistication not inherent in any other chair on the market. GF Office Furniture, Ltd. For additional information contact John W. Katsafanas, GF Office Furniture, Ltd., 6655 Seville Dr., Canfield, Ohio 44406-9143, 330-533-7799

Outdoor Chair Styles and Collections

Veneman Chair Collections

The Fifth Avenue stacking chair, made of cast aluminum, was specified and styled by Beyer Blinder Belle for the outdoor cafes in New York’s Rockefeller Center. The chair stacks eight high and is available in any of Veneman’s finishes. Veneman Collections, 5 Marconi, Irvine, CA 92618.

Outdoor chair 1
A simple outdoor chair design


Outdoor chair 2
This outdoor chair is combined between wood and bamboo


Outdoor chair 3
Interior with an outdoor chair

Outdoor/ indoor furniture collection

Outdoor chair 4
Flexible outdoor chairs are great options for outdoor and open spaces in your houses

Brown Jordan: The weather-resistant stainless-steel construction of the Nxt chair makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its modern lines and seamlessly welded joinery are enhanced by its reflective high-sheen luster and soft-hand finish. Brown Jordan, 140 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Giati: Designed by Mark Singer, the Palazzio collection of outdoor/indoor furniture is made of plantation-grown teak and French Beaumaniere limestone. The coffee table measures 13 in. high by 29 in. wide by 29 in. deep, and the limestone top is available in a variety of textures and colors. Giati, 614 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

Outdoor table 1
Outdoor table 1

Summit: The first pieces in the Charter Collection of stainless-steel and plantation-grown teak furniture include a dining chair, a lounge chair, and an occasional table. The ST282 stacking lounge chair (shown) measures 24 in. wide by 25 in. deep by 31 in. high. Summit, 5 Harris Court, Monterey, CA 93940.


A classical sofa bed designed by Richard

Richard Schultz: The designer’s classic Petal Tables, first produced for Knoll in 1960, have been recently reissued. Available as an end or coffee table, they are made of vertical grain mahogany petals and a base of aluminum, steel, and iron. Richard Schultz, 800 Gravel Pike, P.O. Box 96, Palm, PA 18070.


Barlow Tyrie: The newest additions to the Mission line–a single and a double chaise–are available in teak with a natural or interior finish. The all-weather cushions are offered in Forest Green, White Sand, Pepper, and Classic Blue. The double chaise (shown) measures 81 1/2 in. long by 61 1/4 in. wide by 15 1/8 in. high (seat). Barlow Tyrie, 1263 Glen Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

Armchair and Star bar stool

Florentine Craftsmen: The Squirrel armchair and Star bar stool are made of cast aluminum. The chair is 32 in. high by 23 in. wide by 22 in. deep; the stool is 40 in. high by 20 in. wide by 24 in. high (seat). Florentine Craftsmen, 46-24 28th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101.


Weatherend: The Weatherondack dining table, with a 60-in.-long dining surface, is constructed from mahogany using mortise-and-tenon joinery bonded with a marine-grade epoxy. The table is finished with Awlgrip, a durable polyurethane used on yachts, and is also available in natural teak or mahogany and custom colors. Weatherend, 6 Gordon Drive, Rockland, ME 04841.


Crestmark: The Breeze cafe chair combines the look of wicker and rattan with the easy maintenance of aluminum mesh. Also in the collection are tables, chaise longues, benches, gliders, and bar stools, all offered in an array of frame finishes. Crestmark, International Market Square, 275 Market Street, Suite 423, Minneapolis, MN 55405.